Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Field of Dreams

Well, I hope this is ok for me to say because I am going to say it anyways.  I love these photos.  I do.  Everything worked out so well for them.  And can we talk about how happy this baby is? Way back when, when Claire was just a newborn (she is already 7 months old!)she hated me taking her, seriously, she was not having it.  But look how far we come...nothing but smiles all around :)


  1. these are amazing!!!!!! the most adorable pair! super random.....can you ask this chic momma where she got her boots? i heart them!

  2. thanks! and i asked about the boots too and they were from nordstrom rack :)

  3. OF COURSE!! how ridiculous are these...and could jenni look prettier??? my heavens-totally envious. These are to. die. for. xoox