Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Feel Like Gushing

A little while back I was gifted with a new camera, the Canon 5D Mark II.  Honestly, it is like magic in my hands.  I love my camera so much I cannot even explain it.  You may not think so, but it really does makes a huge difference in my work and I love how fast it shoots and the clarity and colors it produces.  If you are on the fence about upgrading, I say...GO FOR IT! Seriously though, it is fabulous.   

With my camera I took this...

How cute is my sister and her fam?  I love them!  My brother-in-law was not into the kissing pictures that I was suggesting, but this one make me happy.  Gabe's expression, Bryt's squished nose, and Mazie just hanging out.  I can't wait to edit all of their pictures, they are so cute.

And since people frequently ask, this is what I carry in my camera bag...

Someday I hope to have this...

But until then, I am pretty happy with what I have got :)

Stay tuned...more pictures to come soon!!!

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