Monday, November 1, 2010

Miss Moo | Laguna Hills Children's Photographer

A couple of weeks ago my niece, Mazie, turned 6 months old.  I am still in shock that she can sit up on her own, hold her own bottle, eat real food (well, if it is pureed), play with toys, interact with people, and roll around like she has some place to be...wasn't she just born yesterday?  Time is a flying by, I can hardly even handle it.  

We took these pictures on an exceptionally crummy day (rain, gloom, you name it) but Mazie made them bright and sunny anyway :)

(her eyes really are that special effects in Photoshop on this one)

(that is my big sister, she is the best)

(I originally bought this hat for my daughter's six month photos, but I think it does a better job suiting Mazie)

I love this little girl and her mommy.  I am so happy that they live close by and our little ones can all be friends, and I can get in some quality sister time pretty much whenever.  Mazie, don't grow too fast, stay a baby as long as you is better that way :)

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