Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pocketful of Sunshine

These pictures make me smile.

I told my sister I wouldn't "tag" her in any Facebook photos with her Christmas pictures so that I wouldn't ruin the surprise, so hopefully she won't get mad I am posting them on my blog (and probably uploading them on Facebook too...just not tagging her :) )...they just happen to be too cute not to share.  I am sure she will understand.  Right?

 (my personal favorite)

 (oh so lovable!)

 (a little goofy...but that is what i love about it)

 (mom, this one is for you.  the locket is beautiful!)

See, they were totally share worthy.  Right?  Sorry Bryt, hope you don't hate me.  Luckily no one actually looks at my the surprise factor shouldn't be ruined :)

Love you family!


  1. Where were these taken?? Such a GORGEOUS setting for a gorgeous family. Love your blog Brynn. I seriously need to book you for a shoot and have you take some pics of me and my hubby.

  2. Hi! Thanks :) We took them at this random "open space" area in San Juan Capistrano off of Camino Capistrano. It is a great spot...especially in the spring when there are yellow flowers in every direction that you look! I love it.

  3. I just realized that we used your personal fav for our Christmas card - haha!