Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knitty Baby | Long Beach Family Photographer

So, first of all, I have had these pictures sitting on my desktop ready to be posted to the blog for what feels like forever.  I have been so behind on blog updates it is silly.  This holiday season has stolen my brain and my sense of time...what the heck.  Speaking of stealing my brain...I am so thrilled I got to photograph this family, especially after making so many brainless comments when talking to them about this shoot...like "I didn't know there was a beach in Long Beach."  Yes, I said that.  Hello? Long Beach.  You think I would have had a clue...not to mention I have lived in Orange County forever and you think I would have figured this out by now. Sleep deprived much? :)  

My favorite part(s) of this shoot were 1.) The knit cardigan and hat...and the red and white stripe beanie! This skilled mama made all of that loot for her babe, and I love it.  2.) The colors.  I just like the color combos in their outfits, something different, something appealing to my eye.  3.) These people are mellow and laid back...that means they were right up my alley.  Perfect.

Since I have been hoarding these pictures and not sharing them for ages, here is a little peak.  

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