Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feel the Love | Southern California Engagement Photographer

Once again I cannot believe how far I have fallen behind on my blogging.  I get the photos edited and sent off to their owners, and then I keep folders of pictures on my desktop just waiting to be blogged.  Geesh.  Family blogging takes up a lot of my blogging energy.

But, regardless of my lack of blogging, I love how these engagement photos turned out.  Working with a couple with good energy definitely makes the photography part  a lot easier, and it is fun when you get to shoot in one of your favorite locations.  We started off taking pictures by the train tracks.  I wasn't totally feeling the vibe for some reason so I was happy when we decided (pretty much last minute) to head over to the yellow flower field instead.  Los Rios is usually my all time favorite spot for pictures, but the flowers fields were calling our names instead.

The sun and the yellow flowers make me feel happy...I hope they make you feel happy as well.

I love how dreamy this next one is...

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