Monday, July 11, 2011

Autera Wedding Part II | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Here are some more pictures from the Autera wedding that I had promised I would post.  It really does amaze me how fast the time goes and how long ago this wedding already feels.  I hope the bride & groom don't feel like it was a long time ago though...I hope they are still enjoying themselves and some sweet honeymoon bliss.

I love the location of this wedding, the Black Gold golf course.  Not only is it pretty, but the wedding coordinator they had there on the day of the event was great to work with and was helpful and kept things organized.

And the flowers that Kelly & Tyler had were beautiful and so perfect.  Megan's Garden did a fabulous job.  

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  1. Really, really LOVE the pics! You made my flowers even prettier =) I have already given two brides your name!! Hopefully I can send more your way!!