Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls | Laguna Beach Family Photographer

I posted a little peek at this family awhile back and I am glad I am finally getting around to doing a full post.  I feel like I am so behind on my blog...sorry!  If I can find a more time efficient way to blog (seriously, resizing all of the images is such a pain)I promise I will get on top of things!

BUT...seeing this family was worth the wait because they are SO cute.  I love them.  I love that they have 5 beautiful girls and that they ooze with sweetness. 

p.s After loading these pictures I realized blogging time would be cut back significantly if I posted fewer pictures.  I might have to seriously consider that.  But then I fear I would spend far too long decided what pictures to post if I only uploaded a few.  Hmmm...what to do?

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