Friday, July 1, 2011

The Taylor Family | Orange County Family Photographer

This is hands down, the most meaningful set of photos I have ever taken.  I have not known Ani very long, but soon after meeting we became fast friends and discovered we had a lot in common; grew up in the same area, we are the same age, played the same sports (well, soccer), got married around the same time, have a love for photography and we both have two baby girls around the same ages. Ani's baby girl, Ruby, is very sick with a rare liver disease and needs a liver transplant (whether from a deceased or living donor) in order to see her first birthday.  Although this family is facing one of the toughest trials of their life, they still manage to be uplifting, spiritual, inspirational, faithful,  and have a positive outlook on things.  I have learned so much just from being around them, and I  don't think I have ever met a sweeter family.  Ani is my hero and I cannot help but to look up to her.  This family is so special and I think about them every single day *big hugs*  

Click here to read the article about Ruby in their local newspaper.

Click here to learn about becoming a donor.

Click here to follow the Taylor family on their blog.

Click here to make a donation to help cover Ruby's medical costs.

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