Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little Peekaboo of What I Have Been Up To | Orange County Natural Light Photographer

Did you catch that?  I rhymed (a little peekaboo of what I have been up to...)  

Anyways, I have been busy and I am not complaining, it has been great!  You probably won't see me for awhile, me and my computer are going to be going steady while I catch up on all of my editing, but here is a little look at what I am working on now.

I took pictures of my good friend and her family down on Balboa Island.  I crave sun flare in my photos...could this picture be any sweeter? 

I met this cute girl and her mom & dad in Laguna Beach to snap some family photos as well as some solo shots of her for her 1st birthday (wait until you see the pictures of her on the beach...I love!)

My little buddy Jack here kept me on my toes, but as always, he was fun to photograph.  Him and his parents are super cool (and they happen to be related to that other fabulous family I photographed at Polliwog Park).

And lastly, on 10/10/10 (rad date, right?) I was the second shooter for a wedding in San Juan Capistrano at the Ibiza Lounge.  I hung out with the groom and his men prior to the ceremony...they were a fun group, they were up for just about anything (we got some awesomely ridiculous shots).  

(whoops, one of the groomsmen didn't get the memo about the sunglasses...)

Hopefully I will be posting more from these sessions (and this wedding) in the near future - so come back soon and make sure I am getting my work done :)

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